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2019 Park City Area Showcase of Homes: Ridgeway Beauty


Cameo Homes Inc. is looking forward to showcasing an elegant mountain transitional home at Tuhaye, Utah in the 2019 Park City Showcase of Homes. The Showcase will feature several exquisite homes throughout the Park City area and Heber Valley. Come and visit us at home #10 and tour our Ridgeway Beauty starting on August 23-25 through August 30-September 2.


For more information and tickets visit:


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2015 Hot Housing Trends

Realtor Magazine recently released their list of Hot Housing Trends for 2015.  Here are the trends that experts expect to catch attention this year: 1.  Coral Shades.  Sherwin-Williams says Coral Reef (#6606) is 2015's color of the year because it reflects the country's optimism about the future.  A new color is an easy change for homeowners to make.

Paint Color SW 6606 Coral Reef from Sherwin-Williams

2.  Open Spaces go mainstream.  An open floor plan has been around for a while now but it's becoming an essential part of the home.


3.  Storage.  More home owners are willing to give up an extra bedroom in order to gain more storage in the walk-in closet or gain a butler's pantry in the kitchen.

Park City Showcase of Homes 2014 by Cameo Homes Inc. in Utah

4.  Fireplaces and Fire Pits.  The sight of a flame has universal appeal as a signal of warmth, romance, and togetherness.  New versions on the market make this amenity more accessible with more compact design and fewer venting concerns.

Park City Showcase of Homes 2014 by Cameo Homes Inc. in Utah

5.  Grander Garages.  The new trends in the garage include temperature controls, sleek glass doors, zones for audiovisual controls, and a big sink or tub to wash pets.


6.  Cool Copper.  The "it" metal for 2015 is copper.  Copper can be seen in large areas or in a few backsplash tiles, hanging fixtures, or home décor accents.


7.  Shades of White Kitchens.  The majority of kitchens  have some form of white painted cabinetry.  What's different now is that all-white does not mean the same white, since variations add depth and visual appeal.

White Kitchen


To read more of Realtor Magazine's 2015 Top Trends, visit their website:  http://realtormag.realtor.org/

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Tuesday Trend: Pottery Barn Colors for Spring/Summer 2014

Our Tuesday Trend comes from the Pottery Barn.  They have partnered with Sherwin-Williams to showcase their top paint colors for this Spring and Summer 2014.  Here they are:

Sherwin Williams Fall/Winter 2013 Color Palette
For more information visit:  http://www.potterybarn.com/design-studio/landing/paint-landing/#
Utah Home Builders, Cameo Homes Inc.
  In the living room In the media room In the bedroom In the dining room In the bathroom In the home office In the kitchen In the entryway For small spaces Featured article: How to choose an entryway color

Tuesday Trend: Popular Paint Color by Valspar


Our Tuesday Trend this week comes from Valspar Paint:  Valspar Salmon Run paint color

"Pastels and pretty colors are coming to the foreground. This coral has the lightheartedness of pink, but it's more sophisticated, with chalky-gray undertones. It has a warm, soft touch that feels very embracing." —Sue Kim


Utah's Luxury Home Builder, Cameo Homes Inc.


Voted Best of Houzz 2014

Cameo Homes Inc. Logo Cameo Homes Inc. is excited to be voted by the Houzz community as a winner of the Best of Houzz 2014 awards!  We won in the General Contractor Design and Customer  Satisfaction categories for having some of the most popular images on Houzz in 2013.  Best of Houzz 2014 also serves as a barometer for decorating and remodeling trends across the U.S. and around the world.  Here is the Press release from Houzz.com:

Cameo Homes Inc. of Utah Receives

Houzz’s 2014 ‘Best Of Design’ Award


Houzz's 2014 'Best Of Customer Satisfaction' Award


Annual Survey and Analysis of 11 Million Monthly Users

Reveals Top-Rated U.S. Professionals


Salt Lake City, Utah  –  January 25, 2014 –Cameo Homes Inc. of Salt Lake, Utah has been awarded  “Best Of Design” and "Best of Customer Satisfaction" 2014 by Houzz, the leading online platform for residential remodeling and design.  The 38-year old  Home Building Company was chosen by the more than 11 million monthly users that comprise the Houzz community.

The Houzz “Best Of Design” award for 2014 is given in two categories: Customer Satisfaction and Design. Customer Satisfaction award winners are based on homeowner members who rated their experience working with professionals in 12 categories ranging from architects, and interiordesigners to contractors and other residential remodelingprofessionalsDesign award winners’ work was the most popular among the community of 11 million monthly users, also known as “Houzzers,” who saved more than 124 million professional images of home interiors and exteriors to their personal ideabooks.

Utah’s Luxury Home Builders and Remodelers since 1976.  Find more information about Cameo Homes at www.cameohomesinc.com,  and  http://www.houzz.com/pro/cameohomes/cameo-homes-inc.

Promontory House

This is a home we recently built in Promontory, Park City, Utah.  Promontory is a private golf community located in Park City, Utah and includes world-class facilities for championship golf, skiing, hiking, fishing, equestrian and family activities.  For more information visit us at www.cameohomesinc.com.

Home Exterior

Home Exterior

Promontory, Utah by Utah Home Builder
















Holladay Home

We recently finished this luxury, custom home in Holladay, Utah. 




Front Entry

Craft Room


Mudroom with lockers

Built by Utah Home Builder, Cameo Homes Inc.www.cameohomesinc.com

Luxury Housing Market Surges

Luxury Housing Market Surges

In an article last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that sales of upper-end homes are increasing by a larger percentage than the rest of the housing market. They came to this conclusion by looking at mortgages in this sector. Here is the breakdown:

  • Home sales using a jumbo mortgage had year-over-year growth of 7.9% through September, compared with 2.7% for non-jumbo sales
  • Homes sold in major metro areas with a loan of $1 million or more were up almost 28% through September compared with the same period last year.  Similar sales with loans of less than $1 million rose 8.5%.

Also, The National Association of Realtors (NAR) in their last Existing Home Sales Report explained that sales of homes over $1 million dollars in the country increased 44.1% over the same period last year. One of the reasons for this increase is that financing in the jumbo mortgage market is becoming more readily available.  The luxury market is again emerging.

Utah Luxury Home Builders, Cameo Homes Inc.


Beautiful Kitchens built by Cameo Homes Inc.

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen? 

Cameo Homes Inc. has not only been building homes since 1976 but has also been remodeling homes. 

Here are a few of our favorite kitchens that we have recently built.

For more information on Utah Home Builder and Remodeler, Cameo Homes, visit www.cameohomesinc.com.

Brittney's Pumpkin Bars



1 cup oil  4 eggs 1-15 oz can pumpkin 1 1/2 cups sugar

Beat until fluffy then mix dry ingredients together and add to mixture.

2 cups flour 1 tsp salt 1 tsp soda 1 tsp baking powder 2 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp nutmeg

Spread in a sheet cake pan.  Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes.


1-8 oz. cream cheese 1/4 cup butter 1 tsp vanilla 3 cups powdered sugar

Make sure your cream cheese and butter aren't too cold so your frosting doesn't get chunky. Cream butter and cream cheese together.  Add vanilla and gradually beat in powdered sugar.  Spread on cooled cake.  Enjoy!


Cameo Homes Inc.



Lovely Laundry

Laundry rooms are all about work, so it's essential that your laundry room layout optimizes the space to help you be efficient on laundry day.  The size of your laundry room isn't as important as the way you arrange the  appliances and accessories.  Check out these lovely laundry rooms built by Cameo Homes Inc.

The first and most important principle of laundry room design is ease of access.  Not only should it be easy for you to load and unload clothes from your washing machine and dryer,  you should also be able to perform these tasks without bumping into things.  

Once you've created a well-lit layout that gives you  easy access to your appliances, the next step is to add helpful accessories that will make laundry day easier.  Keep a wastebasket near the dryer so you don't have to walk anywhere to empty the lint trap.  If you want a  table for folding clothes, opt for a hanging table that you can lower when  needed and raise so its out of the way when it's not in use.

Finally, don't underestimate the power of a little decor.   Some pleasant accents, like flowers or pictures, will help laundry day be  a little more pleasant.  Also, since you'll probably be working in the laundry  room for extended periods on a regular basis,  it's good to invest a few dollars  in an inexpensive radio or CD player so you can listen to music while you sort,  fold, wash and dry laundry.

To help you accomplish these goals, take  careful measurements of the room you plan to use for laundry before you go  shopping for appliances.  This will help you select models that can fit  comfortably into the assigned space while leaving room left over for accessories  and laundry aids.

Read more: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Laundry-Room-Layouts-That-Work/702363#ixzz1b3QjTyfZ Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives

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Utah Style and Design Magazine

One of the Luxury Homes we built in Tuhaye, Park City, Utah last year was recently featured in the summer edition of the Utah Style & Design Magazine.  You can check out the article on pages 76-83 or you can view the magazine online at:  http://www.utahstyleanddesign.com/  Here are some pictures of this home:

Built by Utah Luxury Home Builder Cameo Homes Inc.


Snack Happy

School has started and boy, are these kids hungry when they arrive home.  So what snacks do you feed

them?  Here are 10 great tips for keeping your kids snacking healthy.   Our friend Christie Jensen shared

this great article with us, thanks Christie!

   No. 1: Keep junk food out of the house

Keep the sweets out of the house, then you won’t be tempted.  This would be helpful for myself.  Parents need to set good examples by choosing healthy snacks for yourself.

   No. 2: Go for the grain

Snack time is a great time to get your whole grains in.  These can be in whole grain pretzels, tortillas or whole grain cereals.

   No. 3: Mix and match

Dip baby carrots in fat free ranch or hummus.  Dip fresh fruit in fat free yogurt.  Spread the peanut butter on veggies and fruit.  I know my kids love to dip stuff, so why not make it healthy.

   No. 4: Broaden the menu

Try pineapple, cranberries, tangelos or roasted soy nuts.

   No. 5: Revisit breakfast

Serve breakfast foods — such as scrambled eggs and whole-grain toast — as healthy snacks for kids in the afternoon.

   No. 6: Sweeten it up

Just because it is healthy doesn’t mean it has to taste bland.  Give a little sweet stuff, fat-free pudding, frozen yogurt of fruit bars.  One of our favorites is a fresh fruit smoothie with skim milk and fat-free yogurt.

   No. 7: Have fun

Make fruit kabobs (recipe is on an earlier post).  Make towers out of graham crackers, make funny faces out of your fruit.  Use cookie cutters with your whole grain breads or cheese.

   No. 8: Promote independence

Keep a selection of ready-to-eat veggies in the refrigerator. Leave fresh fruit in a bowl on the counter. Store low-sugar, whole-grain cereal and fruit canned or packaged in its own juice in an easily accessible cabinet.

   No. 9: Don’t be fooled by labeling gimmicks

Foods marketed as low-fat or fat-free can still be high in calories and sodium. Likewise, foods touted as cholesterol-free can still be high in fat, saturated fat and sugar. Check nutrition labels to find out the whole story.

   No. 10: Designate a snacking zone

Restrict snacking to certain areas, such as the kitchen. You’ll save your child countless calories from mindless munching in front of the TV. If your child needs to snack on the go, offer string cheese, yogurt sticks, cereal bars, a banana or other drip-free items.

I hope this list is helpful to you.  It is great to be reminded to have healthy snacks.  There is so much processed unhealthy foods that are easy to buy.  It does take more effort and planning to have healthy snacks around, but what a great way to get more fruits, veggies and whole grains into your child’s diet (and yours!).

For more information or to visit Christie's blog go to http://raisinghealthykids.wordpress.com/

Park City Showcase of Homes 2010


2251 E. Lone Peak Drive (Tuhaye), Park City

Home Tour:   http://youtu.be/-lXORP9rW5s


Park City Resort Builders presents “Lake View” at Tuhaye, a residence that showcases the best in mountain architecture and craftsmanship. Nestled in the heart of Tuhaye, this residence boasts views of the Jordanelle, Mount Timpanogos, the Uinta Mountain Range and Tuhaye golf course. The home features spacious decks and patios that capture breathtaking views. The exterior is warm and inviting using a subtle combination of stone and wood. The interior lines of sight pull the outdoors in from every viewpoint with walls obscured by expansive glass sections. A feeling of spaciousness and openness dominates throughout the house. The indoor-outdoor room brings all the exterior building materials onto the interior walls — a spectacular effect. Unsurpassed woodwork, impressive stone fireplaces, rich walnut floors, exposed timber trusses and cabinet grade doors create an exceptional, inviting ambiance. The winding stone and wood stair case leading to the lower level brings one to another great room, full kitchen and gaming area. Off this area, one can enjoy a movie or sporting event in the custom home theater. The entire home is filled with the latest technology wiring, security monitoring and home integration for electronics.


As one enters from the lower level great room area, they will discover a child’s dream in the tree-house like bunk room. The use of many different natural woods and creative built-in bunk beds give a unique and playful atmosphere for the children.

Park City Resort Builders, A Division of Cameo Homes Inc., is known for exceptional architecture and interior design. Detailed state-of-the-art homes and value-driven business practices have made Cameo Homes Inc. an industry leader since 1976.

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  Park City Resort Builders, a Division of Cameo Homes Inc.

Park City Resort Builders, a Division of Cameo Homes Inc.

Park City Resort Builders, a Division of Cameo Homes, has been part of the Park City Showcase of Homes for the past 3 years.  This year, Park City Resort Builders will be showcasing another beautiful home in the Tuhaye Development in the 2011 Park City Showcase of Homes.