More than just a home builder

CAMEO HOMES is designed to BUY, SELL, BUILD and DEVELOP real estate. We will build on our own properties and on those of individual owners. Our Mission is to provide the highest value available in the market place.  Always being driven by three guiding principles:

Integrity – Trust – Performance

Some of our construction services included are: 

  • Provide-Design-Build Services for New Construction and large scale Remodeling/Additions.

  • Assist and review the architecture during design phase for cost estimating.

  • Assist and review the structural and civil engineering services during development of a project.

  • Provide-Pre-qualify trade contractors and suppliers that would best match the scope of the project.

  • Provide-Pre-qualify Interior Designers that would best meet the scope of the project.

  • Provide-Landscape Design and Installation Resources for a turn key project.

  • Provide-Financing Resources that meet the specific needs of our clients. This is based on a long history of involvement with a wide variety of lenders where each lender has a different s emphasis and interest in lending products and location of lending.  Every client has a different financial structure and different needs. It is important to match these with a lender who best qualifies to service your scenario.

  • Provide-Licensed Realtor services for evaluation and acquisition.



  • Fixed Price & Cost Plus Contracts
  • Pricing
  • Architectural Services
  • Schematic/Preliminary Designs
  • Site Analysis
  • Architectual Review
  • Lender Finance Processing
  • Realtor Research & Market Data
  • Permit Processing