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Luxurious Utah Living Room

Cameo Homes Inc. has just completed building this Contemporary Rustic Home in Draper, Utah.  This living room features dark stained beams on the ceiling, beautiful cabinetry by Chirs & Dick's, stunning interior design by Sita Montgomery Interiors and a beautiful stone fireplace.  Here are a few pictures of this living room... _LLC4311_WEB_WATERMARKED







Picture Credit:  Lucy Call

For more pictures on this project, visit Cameo Homes Inc. on Houzz.com at:  http://www.houzz.com/pro/cameohomes/__public

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Red Ledges Luxury Home

Cameo Homes Inc. has just completed building this luxury home in Red Ledges, Heber, Utah.  Red Ledges is the "perfect blend of nature, amenities, residential choices and championship golf located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, near the magnificent Mount Timpanogos.  Red Ledges sits in the picturesque hills surrounding Utah’s Heber Valley. Play world-class golf a multi-award-winning 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Course. Chase the ultimate high-altitude tennis experience at the world-renowned Cliff Drysdale Tennis School. And elevate your golf game at the prestigious Jim McLean Golf School. The homes at Red Ledges are Park City ski properties that provide their owners the opportunity to hit the legendary slopes of Deer Valley Resort® with ski-in/ski-out access through our preferred relationship with St. Regis Deer Valley. Some of the most compelling mountain real estate available in Utah, Red Ledges offers a select few the unique opportunity to make it their home." Here are a few photos of this home Cameo Homes Inc. built in Red Ledges...

Built by Cameo Homes Inc. in Red Ledges, Heber, Utah.

Park City Luxury Home Builders, Cameo Homes Inc.

Built by Cameo Homes Inc. in Red Ledges.

For more information on Red Ledges, visit their website at http://www.redledges.com/

Park City Luxury Home Builders, Cameo Homes Inc.


Lovely Laundry

Laundry rooms are all about work, so it's essential that your laundry room layout optimizes the space to help you be efficient on laundry day.  The size of your laundry room isn't as important as the way you arrange the  appliances and accessories.  Check out these lovely laundry rooms built by Cameo Homes Inc.

The first and most important principle of laundry room design is ease of access.  Not only should it be easy for you to load and unload clothes from your washing machine and dryer,  you should also be able to perform these tasks without bumping into things.  

Once you've created a well-lit layout that gives you  easy access to your appliances, the next step is to add helpful accessories that will make laundry day easier.  Keep a wastebasket near the dryer so you don't have to walk anywhere to empty the lint trap.  If you want a  table for folding clothes, opt for a hanging table that you can lower when  needed and raise so its out of the way when it's not in use.

Finally, don't underestimate the power of a little decor.   Some pleasant accents, like flowers or pictures, will help laundry day be  a little more pleasant.  Also, since you'll probably be working in the laundry  room for extended periods on a regular basis,  it's good to invest a few dollars  in an inexpensive radio or CD player so you can listen to music while you sort,  fold, wash and dry laundry.

To help you accomplish these goals, take  careful measurements of the room you plan to use for laundry before you go  shopping for appliances.  This will help you select models that can fit  comfortably into the assigned space while leaving room left over for accessories  and laundry aids.

Read more: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Laundry-Room-Layouts-That-Work/702363#ixzz1b3QjTyfZ Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives

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