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Planning Next Summer's Vegetable Garden

(Garden pictures provided by Tiffany Fedderson)
 It's never too early to begin planning next summer's vegetable garden. In fact, sales of greenhouses and  seed starting supplies usually begin in late December and early January, and by the end of February, most retailers have a variety of seeds for sale on store shelves. If you want to plant a vegetable garden this coming summer, some advance planning will ensure that you are able to get all the seeds you want before they sell out, and you'll be able to start them in time to have healthy young plants ready for transplant into your garden in early or late spring.
The first part of planning your vegetable garden is deciding what to grow. How much space do you have for planting? Someone who lives in the country and has a large plot of land will certainly need to do more advance planning than an apartment dweller with a small deck or veranda. Remember that even if you're limited by space, there are many types of vegetables that grow well in patio containers. Also be sure to consider your local climate. For areas with longer summers, you'll have more options of plants you can grow, plus a longer season in which to grow them. However, gardeners living in cooler climates shouldn't discount the variety of cool weather vegetables they can cultivate such as spinach, peas, lettuce, potatoes, carrots, and beets. You should also honestly ask yourself how much time and energy you'll want to put into your vegetable garden. If you're someone who works long hours and you're tired at the end of the day, you may not want to spend an hour or two every summer evening weeding and caring for a large plot of land. If this is the case, start on a small scale. You can always plant a larger garden next year, if you want.
Next you'll want to obtain seeds and seed starting supplies. Read each seed packet carefully to determine when to start the seeds. If plants take 2 weeks for germination plus 4-6 weeks before they can be transplanted, and the last expected frost date in your area is May 15, then you should sow the seeds indoors around the last week of March.

Finding a good place to start your plants from seed will be very critical to their early growth and development. An ideal location is a warm sunny window facing south or west. If you don't have such a window, a small indoor greenhouse might be a good investment. Indoor greenhouses can be as small as just a couple of shelves that occupy only the top of a table or workbench, or they can be as large as a floor unit, standing four or five shelves high. Small indoor greenhouses can usually be outfitted with heat lamps or grow lamps to encourage germination and rapid early growth of seedlings.

Before transplanting seedlings to the garden, be sure to map out where you're going to plant everything. Pay attention to the space requirements of each vegetable, keeping in mind that some need extra space for air flow around the plant, while others need to be close together to promote pollination. Also remember that you don't have to group all similar plants together. If you have 5 or 6 tomato plants, for example, space them out around your garden, mixing them in with other types of vegetables. Inter-planting crops can help discourage insect infestations and other pests.
Preparing for a vegetable garden requires time, patience, and a lot of pre-planning long before the weather even warms up. These early steps may take time, but the effort you put in now will pay you back dividends over the summer in the form of a bumper crop of healthy produce.

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We made this great Easter cookie recipe called 'Cadbury Egg Cookies' from the 'Our Best

Bites Blog' and they are Delicious!!  They definitely won't be listed under our Health &

Fitness category however, they are worth the once-a-year indulgence!  These also taste

really good with peanut butter chips instead of the cadbury eggs.   You can find this

recipe at:  http://www.ourbestbites.com/2009/04/cadbury-egg-


Sneak Peak of Draper Home

Here is a sneak peak of a home Cameo Homes Inc. is currently building in Draper, Utah.  This home is SOLD and will be completed July 2011.



Here is a picture of another home Cameo Homes Inc. is building in Summerwood, Bountiful, Ut.


Cameo Homes Inc.

Why does everyone want to go to Disneyland?


Why is it that so many people around the world dream of visiting Disneyland?  Why do many people after winning a huge event declare, "I'm going to Disneyland?"  What is it about that place that draws millions of visitors per year?

Could it be the 55 minute wait times for any given ride or possibly even 75 minutes to see an 18 year old woman dressed up like the girl in the movie Tangled?  For the opportunity to spend $62 on lunch for a family of 5?  Maybe it's the thrill you get after purchasing a bottled water for $4 or a churro (a fried stick battered in oil, sugar and cinamon, YUMMY!) for $3.50?  Maybe it's for the great feeling parents get after they realize their 2 year old has run off into a crowd of 134 people and thinking, "I may never see that kid again."   HMMM...could it be for the chance of a lifetime to hear the ever-so-glorious song entitled, 'IT'S A SMALL WORLD' 682 times in an 8 minute time frame?  Or maybe it's for the professional photo of yourself going  65 miles per hour in the pitch dark you get after a ride and asking yourself, "Is that really what I look like?"  I wonder if it's for the great experience of watching every child under the age of 5 having a complete meltdown while lying on the concrete and screaming, "I don't want to go on any more rides" around 3:00 each day.    I'm really not quite sure.

Well my friends, even though all of the above FACTS ARE TRUE, that isn't the reason why millions of people want to visit Disneyland.  The reason is found around 9:00pm every evening at Disneyland when it's dark and a spectacular firework show begins.  As each Disney character is shown and each Disney song is played, every person, young and old, remembers these characters from their own childhood and feelings of happiness related to each one.  Then, when the finale begins and the song plays, 'When You Wish Upon A Star', you start to believe that dreams do come true.  You start to realize that when you wish for something, it is possible to have it come true.  You start believing that Disneyland affords you the opportunity to Dream Big and so every time you think of Disneyland, you think of your dreams coming true.  And therein lies the answer, people go to Disneyland to remember that their dreams do come true.

April's Recipe of the Month


Here is a delicious spring salad that would be a great part of any Easter Dinner.

Nancy's Spinach Salad

Graciously shared with us by Jen Vietti


Nancy’s Spinach Salad ¼ c vegetable oil (I used EVOO b/c I like the flavor better) 2 T vinegar 2 T sugar Salt and pepper to taste 1 bag baby spinach 1 c sliced celery ½ c chopped green onion 1 can Mandarin oranges ½ c Candied Almonds (see below)

Mix first 4 ingredients together (dressing) and set aside. Put spinach in large bowl, add celery and green onions – mix together. Drain juice from oranges and then pour oranges over salad. Add dressing and candied almonds – mix well.

Candied Almonds 3 to 4 T sugar ½ c slivered almonds

Stir over low heat until well coated. Grease foil or parchment paper and pour over it. Pat the nuts down so they aren’t so bunched up. Allow to cool and then separate.

Deer Valley ranked #6 in Top 2nd Home Market

Financial magazine, Barron's, recently named Deer Valley as #6 on its list of "Top Second-Home Communities." 
#6  Deer Valley, Utah
"It couldn't be easier to fly into this world-class ski haven. Abundant nonstop flights to Salt Lake City, which is less than an hour's drive away, give the area a clear edge over other Rocky Mountain snow spots. Park City is the main commercial attraction, but the place to go for your hideaway is the gated community of Tuhaye. Built by Canadian-based Talisker, which developed much of Deer Valley and now owns the local Waldorf-Astoria hotel and Canyons ski resort, Tuhaye offers top-notch golf, great dining and the opportunity to custom-build the house of your dreams." Tuhaye prices:

2009 Median: No Sales

2010 Median: $1.3 million

To See the top 10 list visit http://bit.ly/SecondHome2011

Park City Resort Builders, a Division of Cameo Homes Inc., is currently building homes in Tuhaye.  For more info. visit our website at www.parkcityresortbuilders.com

Savory Recipes


Are you looking for a wonderful, NEW, cookbook?  Look no further, The Gathering of Friends Cookbooks are adding a Volume 3 cookbook at the end of March 2011.  These books "were created to introduce food as a love language."    These cookbooks are available on their website at www.thegatheringoffriends.com